The Best Yachts Money Can Buy

Article by R.G. Ixmann

The best of the best. For those who do not like sailing, here are the most expensive yachts you can buy.

The Annaliesse is worth 103 million bucks. It is only 280 foot long. Of course, it has wide plasma, spa, saloon, lounge and all that, don't even ask.

The Octupus is worth 200 millions. If your competitor just bought the Annaliesse, you can buy the Octopus and blow the horn when he comes close to your waters. "Look what I just got. Its just a little something." The Octupus is 416 foot long, but docking is not a problem. The ship's "accessories" include seven smaller boats and two helicopters, in case one is dirty. It also has a submarine. If you happen to drop the keys off the board, you can get them in a flash.

The press release of the boat says "the robotic submersible, scours the ocean floor." What else would the submersible do?

There is a more expensive boat. It is worth USD 350 million. The owner is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is ruler of Dubai. But… I do not think he is selling it.

Then there is the A yacht. It goes for 350 million bucks. If you ask me, it looks like a submarine with a top on. Again built by Mr. Stark. Here is a video of the A yacht in San Franscico. The thing that can not be seen in the dark, that is the A yacht. 398 feet. Filling the gas tank is wallet change, 1.4 million dollars. With that you can sail up to 15 days. Who said wind sailing was the only non-polluting and economical way of sailing?

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There are two main problems with most of these yachts. First, they kind of draw attention to themselves. Second they look like military vessels. That may be problem. So if you want to play it low and be sutile you have two more options.

The Oculus which is worth couple of millions and looks like a giant jet sky. Here you can see it go round and rotate.

Or you can buy the Stand Craft 122. The Stand Craft will get you from A to B. It is so expensive no one is sure how much it costs. Don't let the size and form fool you. The longer the boat the more stable it will be in water. And if your problem is space, you can park your car inside the boat, hit the sea and take a drink. Unreal.

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