The Most Expensive Plane Ticket

Article by R.G. Ixmann

Spending a fortune on the most expensive ticket may not be the most stupidest thing to do, but it is among the top 100. As the saying goes, the customer is always right, or left, whatever suits the money the best. We have found the most expensive plane tickets in the world for you. Why? Because you where looking for them. Want the best? Then read the article.

Here it goes, British Airways first class Sacramento - London, 26 798 dollars. The guy who gave the airline a ring was told that he could also pay 116.88 dollars to balance carbon released on the flight. It was a go and return deal. Going around the world and back is not a problem. The problem from where I stand is if British Airways will go on strike again.

If paying 26 thousand is not enough, why not pay 100,000 thousand dollars or 200,000. Again the Airbus A380 tops expensive lists. What is the people's fascination with the A380? It may take longer to get all across the plane and to the seat than what it takes to pack the bags. Too big, way too big. An Australian man bought two tickets for 100,000 dollars for a commercial Airbus A380 flight.

Above you can see the image of a project to customise Aa380. Transparent ceilings. Good for flying under a thunder storm.

Both tickets listed above are for amateurs and beginners. When it comes to the most expensive, however, they fall short. Here is a ticket that does not fall short. In fact the only thing that will fall off in this plane ride are your eyeballs. This is space exploration. Don't worry, once you are in outer space, objects start floating.

Virgin Galactic Space Ship One tickets cost $200,000 per person. You can make a reservation with a $20,000 deposit. Make your deposit now! Don't wait. Don't you see the long line forming?

If you are worried about flying into space in an airline called Virgin Galactic, you are not the only one with a taboo for language. In the words of the great Apollo 11 astronaut, Michael Collins, "Imagine a spacecraft of the future, with a crew of a thousand ladies, off for Alpha Centauri, with 2,000 breasts bobbing beautifully and quivering delightfully in response to every weightless movement . . . and I am the commander of the craft, and it is Saturday morning and time for inspection, naturally."

If bobbing and breasts is in Collins´ vocabulary, then Virgin Galactic should be a walk in the park for you.

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