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Article by Siim Einfeldt

Are we all just big children? Is there ever an age when we are no longer fascinated by amazing toys and innovative gizmos? Probably not because when we're young, stuffed animals fascinate us and as we grow up, they’re replaced by music players, mobile phones, computers and the like.

These toys aren't really meant to be played with. If any regular person had them, all they would do is gawp at them in wonderment and probably install a security safe to keep them protected. What makes them so special?

They're the world's most expensive toys!

The steepest Rubik's cube 'The Cube'- Urban legend says the most expensive Rubik's cube in creation is the Masterpiece Cube. Created in the year 1995 by Diamond Cutters International this gold, ruby, amethyst and emerald studded masterpiece is valued at more than 1.5 million.

Teddy Bear Bonanza - bears keep little children company when they're lonely, they’re huggable and they're extremely cute, but this one is a little special. Created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Teddy bear, this German manufactured bear has sapphire and diamond eyes with a solid gold mouth. Priced at more than 43,000 pounds only 125 of these rare creatures were created.

Barbie - growing up, most little girls love playing with their Barbie dolls. They're pretty, they're fancily dressed not to mention available in whatever profession any little girl fancies. This Barbie however is more of a grown ups toy with a gown studded with 160 diamonds and white gold miniature jewellery. Designed by Mattel in association with DeBeers to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the doll, it was created in the year 1999.

Hot Wheels - just so all the little boys there don't feel left out, there are tiny collectors editions cars available in the market that cost thousands of dollars as well. Hot Wheels, the legendary toy car manufacturer has a one of a kind collection available on e-bay that sells for more than US$ 1,000,000. If you have that kind of money to spare, go ahead, indulge and satisfy the little boy whose still instead you.

Toy Gun - violence is never the answer but this is just a replica gun. The American 6 mm mini gun came loaded with accessories but has been out of production for a long while. Its used versions still sell for an astounding $9000 though.

If any of these interest you and you have more than just spare change in your savings, go ahead, look a little and be ready to spend a lot and these collectors items can soon be part of your personal collection.

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