The best Spy Gadget Technology

Article by R.G. Ixmann

The best spy technology goes to extremes to be the best. The best can also be classic. The eyes and ears of the spy and counter spy world are here.

You can not be a spy or into the spying field without the ball cam. You can ask for prices on a pair. What is the function of the ball cams? It has a microphone, micro SD card, camera and internal flash memory among other things. Price is confidential. If the ball rolls and falls, there is no refunds.

Now that you have your ball cam you will need the Orbitor. It is a listening device powerful enough to capture distant sounds (and voices) from 300 feet away. It is very sutile. You can use it in the open streets and not blow your cover.

The Wireless Camera Hunter, is great. It will scan for wireless cameras and stream the footage back to you. If someone tells you, "you are just being paranoid", you can now say "I told you they where after me, now I have the video to prove it".

The Spy Shop at has a lot of wonderful spy gadgets. The PRO7000FX can be found at the Spy Shop. It goes for 895.00 It is worth every cent. It detects ultra wide frequency range, has high sensitivity, a 10 segment bar-graph display and an audio confirmation. The device has a lot of features. It will beep and show direct you to the source of the signal.

For 110 you can also buy a hidden camera detector. The Spy Shop says at their web site - "Look through the round hole and scan the room or a person. If there is a hidden camera then it will shine up like a little torch. As seen in CSI on the TV." If that is not convincing enough, then buy the thing and test it out.

TLC Lead, Business TLC Lead, listening devices, mouse spy, recovery flash memories, flash computer meltdowns or the Night Own 3x 50. There are just a few things that top that.

Here is a Flashlight worth 160. It is unlike any other flashlight you have ever seen before. In fact, if you point at someone, it is unlikely he will see anything.

And finally, just in case, if they keep coming at you, use this unique self-defence tool. This product should only be handled by a responsible adults. The classic but still powerful Archery Cross Bow.

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