The Most Expensive Private Jet

Article by R.G. Ixmann

What is private jet flying all about? Recently, when people talk about the most expensive private jets, they talk about the A380. The A380 is not really a private jet, it is a flying palace. The A380 airbus is another thing altogether.

The A380 Flying Palace sells for 300 million USD 337.5 million to be exact. Not sure if it is for sale, really don't think so. If you can not afford the A380, or if it does not fit in your private landing space, not to worry, there are other planes out there.

For 50 million a unit we have the Gulfstream G500/G550 C-37B. When I say we, I really mean they. If I had a Gulfstream G500, I would probably sell it.

Don't be cheap, flying is free only for the birds. In the "real world" or in the "small real world" private jets are basic services you can not afford to miss out. This jet has a role. It is a Business Jet. Made by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is known as the BBJ, Boeing Business Jet.

The Gulfstream V-SP sells for $45 Millions. It is also used as U.S. military under the designation C-37A. But why would a civilian care about that? Add 10 million and some change and get the Gulfstream G550, $59.9 Millions. Now that is beauty.

The Bombardier Global Express XRS sells for $47.7 Millions. The name is strange and the plane looks like a supersonic airplane. Want to find out if it is? Buy it and tell the pilot to step on it.

The computer comes free with the jet purchase. For free internet connection talk to your server. They will help you install the system.

The Lockheed Martin quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST) Private Jet is definitely supersonic. It goes so fast that there are no pictures of it flying. Advertisers had to come up with these graphics. Just joking, it is not operational until 2013.

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